About Us

The Betti-Okuboyejo foundation (Betti-O School of Fashion) was birth to train young creatives especially women in the design, production and business of garment marking; empowering them with a socio economic skill in the creative industry; creating wealth and financial independence through sponsorships/collaborations that enable these young ones that cannot afford it to learn at no financial cost to them.

The Betti -Okuboyejo foundation was founded in 2015 in memory of late Elizabeth Okuboyejo (Betti-O) who came to Nigeria in 1963; discovered and became the pioneer of the Adire fabric; throughout her lifetime, Betti-O empowered women in the design, production and business of Adire; introducing colorful dyeing patterns that metamorphosed into a range of clothing which began the trend of early designers using adireand ankarain non-traditional ways. Today with indigenous partnerships, the Betti-O Foundation has graduated over 200 garment making professionals and has created a platform for these individuals to find their voice and career in the creative industry. Empowering them to become successful individuals with the capacity for financial independence and entrepreneurship that creates jobs, influencing and driving change in their communities and society


Creating a world where every creative individual has the capability and competence to drive economic and social change.


Empowering individuals with internationally recognized skills in the creative industry; creating financial independence and economic sustainability.


  • Creativity
  • Wealth Creation
  • Uncompromising quality
  • Integrity
  • Self Development
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Partnership.